Pitching Hack for Success: Sending the right message


Many skilled and talented entrepreneurs face regular rejections from investors and the reasons for these rejections often look unexplainable. Everything in the startup is great – you have an awesome team of experienced people, who work perfectly together, you have sufficient market share and awesome product, significant customer network and the support of good mentors and fellow entrepreneurs. But there is something that you lack, which is the reason why you always get a NO from the investors. You are probably spending long hours wondering “What is the matter with my startup?”, when the right question might be: “What is the matter with my startup pitch?”.

Remember, pitching is not only about securing funding – it is about getting your startup out there, introducing your product to the world and expanding your network through building new valuable connections with clients, potential partners, entrepreneurs and mentors.

The reason for many pitch failures is very simple – the entrepreneurs fail to send the right message and they don’t approach well the whole situation. To help you make your pitch message clearer, here you can find three useful hacks that will prepare you to sky rocket your business through pitching.

Have a clear goal

Every pitching event gives many opportunities but it depends on you and only you to prioritize your time at the event. Have a clear goal – why are you attending this event? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to introduce yourself and your company to the world, to impress investors or just to enjoy the experience? Having a clear goal will help you to prepare better for the event, to accomplish more than you expected and to achieve better results. Strategy matters in every aspect of your business, even when it comes to pitching and networking.

Deliver like a pro!

Pitching in front of investors and large audience is stressful. The stake is high and there are a lot of things that you worry about – your performance, the outcome, but the ability to send the right message is what matters the most. Make sure that your pitch is prepared in a manner that gives serious information about your business, covers everything that interests potential investors and that can clearly highlight the potential of your business.

Having well-highlighted goals and sending the right message go hand in hand. It is impossible to send the right message to the audience if you are unable to present like a pro. Staying calm when everyone is looking at you is easier said than done. But it should be something that you are prepared for. Prepare and practice and you will be able to deliver like a pro – clear, interesting, highly-engaging and memorable message, which can get the interest of the investors.

Spread the word

When you attend pitching events, you should be ready to make every second worth it. Every moment counts and, as an entrepreneur, you must know how to embrace the opportunities, which pitching on a stage in front of prominent investors and interesting audience of fellow entrepreneurs can give to your startup. Spread the word on social media and use the opportunity to engage broader audience via the channels you use. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, even YouTube give you the chance to showcase your startup not only to the audience at the event but to a wider range of people. Put your speech out there and it will continue to live on the Internet long after the event is done.

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