Positive Cause Entrepreneurship: Three Mobile Apps to Inspire Social Good

Social entrepreneurship is not a new concept and has been around for decades, but with the growing power and implementation of technology and big data, more and more entrepreneurs devote their time towards building social good companies.

Social entrepreneurship is often powered by crowdfunding – raising money through the collective power of the crowds has made a tremendous impact on the lives of many people. A significant change in the crowdfunding for social cause landscape has been made through the years. The most significant event that was recently announced is the exciting long-term partnership between Indiegogo and YouCaring. Both companies announced that Indiegogo’s personal cause crowdfunding service Generousity.com will be transitioned over YouCaring (learn more here).

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Social entrepreneurs are driven by the aim to solve important social problems by introducing innovative solutions. Even though the main areas of social entrepreneurship include health, education, environment, culture and so on, there are many social good companies that tackle an even broader range of issues.

Here are three of our favorite social good apps that are on a mission to change the world through building communities and foster change.

Atlas Run

Atlas Run is an app that makes your everyday walk or a run not just about your health, but about supporting a social good cause. With every mile that you run, the apps raise money for the charity that you’ve chosen to support. Atlas Run isn’t just about raising money, it is about building a community, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and helping people to actively engage in making a change in the world… one sweat at a time.


Taking photos every single day has become a big part of our lives. But posting these photos just for the sake of collecting likes and comments isn’t very fulfilling, is it? With Fotition you are able to channel your passion for taking photos and support a good cause at the same time. The app allows you to discover campaigns for things that you care about and to participate in different campaigns by completing photo challenges. Sponsors are matching your photos with donations to different charities. Fotition makes it possible to support the causes you care about and still have fun.

WE Day

We Day is a great online platform that allows the users to make positive change on a local and global level one step at a time. You just need to download the app and enter the world of inspiring challenges, created by a company or charity, which will teach you how to be a change-maker in your community. The more challenges you complete, the bigger difference you make in the world!

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