The Power of Design Thinking in Entrepreneurship

Innovation is the driving power of entrepreneurs, who want to change the world as we know it. And as a result of this importance of innovation in entrepreneurship, a big place for design thinking is reserved in the lives of all startup enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries.

Design thinking is a methodology that isn’t limited just to designers. Companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, IBM, Starbucks, and Nike are perfect examples of successful design-driven businesses. Due to the fact that design thinking is problem-solving oriented, it becomes attractive not only for corporations but also to entrepreneurs, who want to run customer-oriented businesses and provide the best products to their clients.

The main goal when applying design thinking is to create the final product that satisfies the needs of the customers. The process of design thinking as a strategy of innovation puts together creative thinking, logical thinking and experimentation in the face of a lot of testing and prototyping in order to achieve the perfect product for the end-user.

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“Design-thinking firms stand apart in their willingness to engage in the task of continuously redesigning their business…to create advances in both innovation and efficiency—the combination that produces the most powerful competitive edge.” Roger Martin, author of the Design of Business

To understand better the power of design thinking in entrepreneurship, here we’ve collected for you the top three TED Talks that explain its effect and importance for all businesses and brands.

  1. Design thinking inspired by noticing the little details

In his TED Talk The first secret of design is… noticing, Tony Fadell talks about finding inspiration by observing everything, even the most usual aspects, and activities of our lives. We, as humans, easily get into a routine and perform certain activities automatically. The habits that we’ve created help our brains to focus on learning new things easily. But the job of the design thinker is to notice the important little things and use them as an inspiration for creating innovation through simplicity.

  1. Design thinking for creating powerful design elements

In her TED Talk How giant websites design for you (and a billion others, too), Margaret Gould Stewart talks about the top three rules of creating design that is used on such a massive scale like Facebook’s Like and Share buttons. Understanding the power of design of websites that reach millions of people a day is a great way to understand better the power of design thinking and the effect it can have on your business if implemented successfully.

  1. Design thinking inspired by simplicity

In his TED Talk Designing for Simplicity, John Maeda talks about the complexity of design, technology, and art and gives us a glimpse over the ways we can use to simplify it. This talk, delivered in a humorous and engaging way, is another proof that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

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