Powerful Body Language Hacks to Appear More Confident

Confident people tend to have more success in their lives. They often get ahead at work quickly, easily connect with anybody, and always stand out in social situations, networking events and group gatherings. They owe it mainly to the fact that they effortlessly exude self-assurance and their body language plays a key role in it.

Confidence is especially important for entrepreneurs, who pitch their business ideas in front of investors. If you don’t seem too confident in yourself, your business and your pitch, how can the investors take you seriously? How can they trust you? And why they should believe in you if you don’t even believe in yourself? In the end, it is your self-value that determines your business worth.

But don’t you worry! Confidence can be built. It will take time and practice, but nothing is impossible when you are persistent. The road to building your confidence starts with the body language.

The following body language hacks will help you to instantly boost your confidence and genuinely be more self-assured in everything that you do.

Mind the posture. Before you continue reading, take a minute to look at yourself at this very moment, more precisely, look at your posture. Do you exude confidence with the way you are sitting/standing at the moment?

You should always mind your body language: it doesn’t matter if you are in the office, out with friends or alone at home. Always be aware of your posture and soon it will become natural for you to stand the “confident” way.

  • Stand tall;
  • Straighten your shoulders;
  • Keep your chin and head up;
  • Tighten up your core muscles;
  • Practice the wide stand;
  • Keep your hands visible and gesticulate with your palms up;
  • Keep your back straight even when you sit;
  • Try to take up space when you stand or sit. It is a sign of confidence, power and gives you the feeling of full control over the situation.

Maintain eye contact. Confident people are aware of the importance of the eye contact. High-level eye contact is essential as it establishes a connection on a deeper level. People, who maintain eye contact seem more competent, trustworthy, more powerful, more engaged in the conversation and in their interlocutor, and more confident.

Remember, maintaining eye contact doesn’t mean that you should stare. Just let it come effortlessly and natural.

Dress the part. As entrepreneurs, you are probably so happy with the company culture of no-dress-code that you have embraced. It is great that you don’t demand the usual boring office wear; nobody needs that in a startup. But remember, the way we carry ourselves has a powerful effect on the way people perceive us. Make sure that you send the right message.

The way we dress, says a lot about our personalities and shows the way we see ourselves. Choose your clothing carefully – from colors to shapes and length. Dress according to the situation. There is no need to follow the latest fashion trends, but it is important to develop your own style. Carry yourself with confidence to prove that you deserve to be where you are!

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