Save Your Startup Now! Why Entrepreneurs Should Nurture Their Inner Selves?

It is always a good idea to slow down for a moment and to get back to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship – to think about the idea, the product, the value, the startup mission and the ambition to make the world a better place.

Ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on the business and neglect the importance of taking care of themselves. We don’t refer to healthy eating habits and regular exercise – luckily, most entrepreneurs understand how important it is to stay in physical shape in order to have energy and stay sharp.

While most entrepreneurs spend their energy in nurturing their customer and sales pipelines, they rarely spend the time to nurture themselves. Self-nurturing is mandatory for busy startup owners or startup employees – it helps to be more focused, self-aware and mentally stable.

The great news is that self-nurturing doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Here we share 20 truly amazing self-nurturing ideas that can help you avoid burnout and will save your startup’s future.

These ideas are very simple and easy to come to mind, yet not many entrepreneurs actually can make time for fulfilling them, even though they should. Choose couple from the list and try to implement it in your schedules. Once you do, we promise you, you will feel the difference!

  1. Take time to think about where you are now and where you want to be. Take an inventory of your life and think about the things you can change to get to the desired destination.
  2. Re-connect with the child you used to be. What were your dreams when you were a kid? What used to excite you? What hobbies did you have? Growing up and having more responsibilities disconnect us from our childhood dreams. Maybe you will rediscover a passion that you always wanted to pursue.
  3. Call somebody important to you that you haven’t called for a while. One simple phone call with your sibling or a close friend can be a source of great emotions.
  4. Enjoy art – go to a museum, a gallery or an exhibition.
  5. Laugh a bit – go see a comedy show or watch a good comedy movie.
  6. Connect with nature. Take a hike on the mountain or just a simple walk in the park. You will feel full of energy!
  7. Treat yourself with a nice SPA session or just a massage by a professional massage therapist.
  8. Stay away from social media for a couple of hours.
  9. Cook a special meal.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Get adventurous. Maybe now is the time to take those plane flying lessons that you’ve always wanted to take.
  12. Read a good book.
  13. Enjoy a nice cup of tea. Maybe try something exotic!
  14. Do a total makeover – change your hairstyle and update your wardrobe.
  15. Go dancing – take a dance lesson or go to a party, it doesn’t matter. Just enjoy the music!
  16. Connect with your employees on a personal level without speaking about work.
  17. Play with a puppy!
  18. Take a long bubble bath.
  19. Buy beautiful flowers!
  20. And most importantly: Re-discover the inner relationship with yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Accept your flaws as a person and as an entrepreneur. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made and take full control of the future!

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