Signs Your Start-up Needs an Office (and where to find it)

Are you running a start-up? Are you thinking about finding a space where your business can truly grow and exceed expectation? There are many factors to consider with this decision, but we have highlighted some key signs it’s time to find an office for your Start-up.

Trouble attracting talent

A company’s office space can be an insight to the stature of the business, everything from its financial health to its attitude and philosophy. There’s a reason the most successful companies in the world have recognised and celebrated workspaces. The office space is one of the standard ways to communicate a business’s substance.

Who notices this most? Apart from the client and potential client, the primary audience is the talent you are trying to attract to your brand. When you’re a start-up, attracting good employees is difficult. Do you have enough money to compensate them fairly? Do they get benefits or incentives? They are thinking the same questions. They want to know they’re going to be working for a company that can sustain themselves and that be portrayed through having a great office space.

Difficulty with team-building

Team building is becoming a staple of the work environment. If people don’t like where they work and who they work with, they will not perform as well as they could. Team building can result in creating an excellent work environment, which is always the key to success. Trying to build a top-quality atmosphere for your start-up requires a top-quality space. Many industries now pride themselves on a great team environment.

No social life

Social life is similar to team building. For many people, co-workers end up being friends outside of work. Anytime you can aid the improvement of a person’s social life; you are providing a holistic benefit that provokes happiness, thus, more productivity, loyalty and dedication.

Poor punctuality

If you are punctual and want things to be on time, consider how an organised workspace can achieve that. If you want meetings to start on time and run smoothly, don’t waste time with conference calls and Skype, an in-person meeting is always best. Having the perfect meeting space is critical, especially when your business starts getting more prominent.

A lack of accountability

Accountability is hard to take note of when there is no office space. It may look like they are replying to emails or editing a Google document, but are they actually there? Or, are they sitting on the beach? When you have an office space, there is accountability; you can see if people have come to work.

Having said this, don’t go overboard with the accountability issue. Your team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds, hobbies and interests, flexibility and the ability to pursue what they want is why they are staying with your company. Just make sure they are using their time for that and not yours.

Struggling professional development

Professional development never stops. Whether you want to host guest speakers, run workshops or start mentorship programs, your new space could facilitate this and overall professional development.

When you show your employees you are willing to invest in their growth, that gesture will resonate and help keep those employees around.


A healthy team means a productive team. By having your own workspace, you can play a significant role in your team’s health and performance. Stock the cupboards with healthy foods, run yoga classes, and provide a healthy lunch.

Not all employees take health seriously and don’t find the time to focus on it. You have now inserted it into their everyday life; they will feel more inclined to oblige.


Whatever industry you are in, you will see diversity. However, this typically requires having an office and team of people. Exposure to views, opinions, skills, experience levels, and personal histories can build trust and help people grow and be better employees. A great office space ensures your team is getting this exposure.

Where to find it?

We know start-ups are not always ready to splash out on a shiny new office. Instead of looking for spaces the conventional way, think outside the box, as your business does. Spacer is a sharing community site that allows people to rent out empty spaces at a reduced price to what you would expect of a typical office. You can choose from a variety of spaces that fit the needs of your start-up.

Your start-up deserves better and so do you. Don’t spend time and effort on your start-up then not do everything you can to help it grow and gain stature. A new office can do great things for your business.

Amelie Mahone is a loving wife and a mother of 3. She loves to read about history and write articles on various topics, such as: business, education, history, teaching. Amelie is a Communications Specialist at Spacer – a sharing community website where you can rent or find space.

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