Simple Steps to Overcome Shyness and Sell Like a Pro


Organizing The Pitcher event two years in a row was a great way for our whole team to meet with extraordinary entrepreneurs and to build strong relationships with some of the most prominent investors in the MENA region. As The Pitcher is all about pitching and networking, we had the chance to examine closely the behaviors of both – investors and entrepreneurs.

This process helped us to understand better what stands in the core of crafting an investor pitch that stands out from the crowd. It is a perfect blend of different criteria, but the personality of the entrepreneurs play a key role. It can be said that confidence is one of the most important traits of entrepreneurs when it comes to delivering the perfect pitch and selling their idea to the investors and potential partners.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to sell well – to your investors, to your customers, to the people you want to hire. Having a great idea is not enough if you can’t pitch it right. In the end, it is all about selling. The lack of confidence will definitely harm your investor pitch. If you can’t pitch investors, your business will suffer. But how can you be more confident if you are naturally shy or define yourself as an introvert?

Being naturally shy does not mean that you should give up. You just need to make an extra effort to overcome the shyness that is holding you back. You can’t change your personality overnight, but with making some small steps ahead you can get there.

Determine what triggers the shyness

When you try to overcome something, the most important step is to understand what causes it. You can’t feel shy all the time. There are probably some certain situations or specific topics that trigger this feeling.

Start by evaluation events from the past one month – What situations made you feel shy? Then dig a bit deeper – Were you shy when you were a child? What used to trigger your shyness when you were young? Be honest with yourself even though this process may make you feel uncomfortable. This information will help you to understand better the cause of your shyness, which is the first step to overcoming it.

Face your insecurities and focus on your strengths

Shyness is often a result of having certain insecurities and fears. The thought that you are not good at something or the fear that others will make fun of you might be the reasons why you prefer to stay away from the spotlight.

Being insecure can be very dangerous. It will definitely hold you back. You need to do something about it and do it quick. When you face your insecurities, you may be surprised how much you have exaggerated them in your head.

Know your weaknesses. Embrace them. Remember, nobody is perfect. Don’t obsess over them. Instead, focus on your strengths. Think about the things you are really good at. You are just that good at them, why would you be shy to present them to the world?

You need to believe in what you are selling in order to make others see the potential. Don’t focus on the weak spots of your business, but on the potential, on the value your product brings and the opportunity it presents to the investors. Investors won’t pass if they see the potential, so present it to them along with all the passion you have for your business.

Listen and observe

As a shy person, you probably admire the ease others face social situations. It seems so effortless for some people to speak in front of a big audience or to communicate easily with people they don’t know or people they want to impress.

You can actually learn by observing their way of communicating. If you want to be the best pitcher at a pitching event, spend the time to study the presentation styles of successful pitchers. Observe, learn, but don’t copy. It is important to be authentic, so discover your own style. Great sales reps have many traits in common, discover them by observing and incorporate them in your pitch.


The more you do something, the more natural it starts to feel. To overcome the shyness that is holding you back, start practicing. Record yourself while you speak and look at the video to see what changes you can make to sound more confident. May be you need to speak a bit louder or to hold a straight posture. Figure out what you can improve and start practicing it.

Another great option is to speak in front of a smaller, more familiar audience. Talk about your idea and your business in front of your friends or family. Ask them for feedback – What you could have said differently? What can you change? The more you practice, the better you will become.

Don’t let the shyness or the fear of public speaking to hold you back. It is your future at stake here, be brave and believe in your business and yourself!

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