Special Interview with Utkan Uluçay from SCHAIN


SCHAIN was one of the pitchers at ThePitcher 2016 event. The potential of the startup didn’t stay unnoticed by the investors and SCHAIN was named third-place winner and received special money prize from TEB Private Angel Investment Platform and international support from KOSGEB. In a special interview, Utkan Uluçay talks about the experience of pitching on ThePitcher stage, gives valuable advice to all future participants and shares what is next for their company.

Can you introduce your startup to our audience? 

SCHAIN is unique Turkish software based on TOC to improve availability by 40-100% in Supply Chains without forecasting & optimizing.

What is your opinion about ThePitcher event? How did your startup benefit from it? 

This was our first stand-up Show. We have met with investors and still keeping up with them. We have improved our presentaiton just by benchmarking with the other participants.


If you had one piece of advice to the future participants of the event, what would it be?

Try your presentation in front of friends to tie everything up in 5 minutes. Try it with your mother to check whether the core message has been really delivered for a “stranger”.

What is next for your company? 

We have contacted with investors, updated our records in different databases, had meetings with some investor groups and fortunately we have a roadmap now! That was a huge start for us as a “real business”.


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