Startup Focus: Introducing Deskbookers, Osper and Lingualia


Keeping our focus on everything new and exciting that is happening in the international startup scene is allowing us to have a better perspective on the way emerging startups are changing the name of the game of whole industries. Today we turn the spotlights on three starting companies that have the potential to grow into strong businesses and become key players in their niches – meet Deskbookers, Osper and Lingualia.


Founded in September 2013 and based in Amsterdam, Deskbookers is trusted online platform that allows companies to book workplaces and meeting rooms in a fast, easy and flexible way. It doesn’t matter if you need a meeting room for an hour or you want to rent working space for a day or for longer period, Deskbookers makes it simple not only to find the most suitable place, but also to book it effortlessly online, through your smartphone or via tablet. Deskbookers is available in over 1500 cities and 8 countries.



Having a financial literacy from a young age is a great asset, yet not so many young people are aware of the importance of learning how money can be effectively managed. Osper is an innovative company, founded in 2012, that is allowing children to manage their spending through a smartphone app, while in the meantime the parents are able not only to monitor their children’s spending through the app, but also to make money transfers to their children’s accounts when needed. Osper is the best banking service for 8-18s, giving a useful and fun way to the young people to learn how to manage money.



Learning a new language is very useful for many reasons, but often the learners lose their motivation and eventually give up. But here comes Lingualia to the rescue! The Spanish startup is offering a great language learning platform, which uses exclusive Adaptive Learning method that will help you to pick up a foreign language faster and at your own pace. The users are also able to communicate with native speakers of the language they desire to learn and to practice with other users within the community. The tool is easy to navigate and is great for learning on-the-go.


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