Startups Need Employer Branding to Attract Top Talent

Lack of talent is often the reason why many companies can’t sustain growth and fail to keep up with the competition. This makes it important for growing companies to have strong hiring policies and approach in order to maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to hiring skilled employees.

Innovation and technology have changed every aspect of the way we do business. Nowadays, the employees, who are skilled and have the drive to work hard, learn and grow within a startup, have the opportunity to be more selective when it comes to choosing the right company to work for.

Top talents often prefer to start their careers in bigger corporations in order to learn more and have good pay and full benefits right after college. How can a startup compete with an employer with the size and reputation of Google, Apple or Microsoft for example? It is possible with the right employer branding.

Many entrepreneurs believe that employer branding is too expensive. You don’t have to break the bank and spend thousands on ads just to make your startup more attractive to the right employee. Save your money and follow these tips that will help you build your employer brand without spending a fortune on it!

Promote the work ambiance of your company

Give the world a sneak peek into your company and the way your current employees work. Share on social media snaps of your office space, your employees and the fun times the team has after work. Create blog posts to introduce every member of your team with information not only about their role in the company, but also some personal information like their hobbies, passion, and interests. If the potential employees like the team they are going to work alongside with, it is more likely to become more interested in your company.

Make the most of networking events

Networking events are the best place to meet other startup enthusiasts. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake to network only with the people they already know or just with potential investors. Don’t underestimate anyone at every networking event that you go to. Listen carefully when you are introduced to someone new. You never know when you will cross paths with the person, who is the right match for your company.

Turn your current employees into brand advocates

Your current employees are your biggest asset when it comes to finding new talent for your company. They have connections from college or previous work places. They know other experts in their fields. They are familiar with the work of the top talent in their expert fields and know who is looking for new opportunities as people tend to post that on social media and special groups. Turn your current employees into your biggest employer brand advocates. If they are happy working for you, their network will also know that.

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