Strategy Development: How to Beat Your Business Competition


Effective strategizing is what can help every small business owner to get ahead from the competition. The way entrepreneurs think about the big players in their niche can have a great impact on the future of the company. Keeping an eye on the competition is one thing – obsessing about every single step they take is completely different and not so effective approach.

Through strategic thinking, planning, brainstorming and research the business owners are capable of developing strong and effective action plans that can lead to impressive results. Here you will find the main three elements of successful strategy development process to include in your competition game plan.

Clearly define your brand

Entering a niche that is very competitive is a sign that there is a demand of the similar product or the service that you are offering. Yet the main players in the market are probably having significant market share and strong network of loyal customers. If you want to get on their way and to manage to successfully attract customers to your business, make sure that you have your brand strategy in line. Define your clear mission and vision statement and be sure that you stay authentic.

Give the customers something extra, something that the competition doesn’t give them. Identify a void in your niche and work towards filling that gap. Be bold, think out of the box and be brave enough to introduce new ideas, which can reinvent the whole niche. Make the customers feel special and make their lives easier and you will have your brand name may be slowly but certainly becoming a byword for customer satisfaction.

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Bet on killer marketing strategy

Many entrepreneurs focus solely on the development of the product and leave all other business elements aside until they can afford to hire experts that can take up the positions. Being the inventor is not enough – you should also be the sales person, the CFO – there are many shoes to be filled. But when it comes to penetrating new niche, it is essential to focus on creating an impeccable marketing strategy that will help you take better decisions in the future.

If you want to outrun the competition, you have to pay attention to every aspect of the business from the very first day of your business venture. Focus on the creation of killer marketing strategy that can help you improve not only the way you position yourself on the market but also will help you to improve the development of the product, to create more effective pricing strategy, will allow you to keep your focus on the target and to improve your value proposition to your customers.

Do your homework – Know the business of the completion inside out

It is not enough to know the names of your toughest competitors and to check from time to time their Facebook page to see what they are up to. It is important to keep an eye on everything related to their business – know their biggest customers (who are coming and who are going), their investors and advisors, their latest hires and basically everything that can help you predict their next big moves. Do your research, analyze carefully every situation and be prepared to always have an answer to every move they make.

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