Stress Management: How to Stay Calm under Pressure


The fast-paced lives of busy entrepreneurs are filled with many stressful situations. They constantly work under stress often caused by the uncertainty of the future of their starting business, by the challenges and setbacks and by the exhausting long weeks of hard work. The pressure sometimes becomes unbearable, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion and even to complete burnout. It is essential to learn how to manage stress and to train yourself to keep calm in these type situations.

Losing your cool in important situations like meetings with investors or negotiating with new client or partner can be very harmful for your business. The good news is that stress can be managed. It may take time but it is worth it. To help you find the right approach to becoming the master of your calmness in stressful situations, here we offer to you three effective and easy to embrace approaches.

Know the signals

Entrepreneurs encounter many stressful situations on daily basis. Many of them struggle to keep their focus on point when they work under stress. Pitching investors is one of the greatest challenges for people, who can’t stay calm under pressure. Public speaking itself can be very unpleasant experience, but when the stake is so high and you are trying to get the attention of the investors, the stress can get to you much easier.

One thing that you can do is to learn the signals of panic and to understand better how you can control these signals. By recognizing the indications, you are able to stop the panic before it even begins. Analyze every stressful situation and the way you reacted to it in order to get to know yourselves better and to learn how to respond better to the triggers.

Focus on the solution

When something goes wrong, the initial reaction of a person can be to panic. We all know that when people are panicking they don’t think too rational. If you feel under pressure and worry about something that is important to your business, remember that by over-thinking you are actually making the things worse. Don’t concentrate solely on the problem and try to focus on the solution.

By focusing on the solution, you are allowing yourselves to think in perspective, to evaluate the possible outcomes from the given situation and to become more prepared if even the worst scenario becomes true. Make the stress work for you and you will learn how to thrive even during the hardest times.

Be precautious

Many entrepreneurs neglect the symptoms of burnout and push themselves beyond their limits. The belief that they should be non-stop working on their ventures can be very destructive and can have major negative consequences. Entrepreneurs must care about their well-being. The constant stress is harming the health and in the long run can lead to very serious outcomes.

Taking preventative measures can minimize the risks that the constant stress brings to the health of every entrepreneur. Things like sports, meditation and practicing self-awareness on daily basis can help you tremendously decrease the levels of stress in the body. It is always a good idea to enjoy a full stress-relief body massage now and then and to find the time to take a vacation (even for a day!) to clear your head.

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