Successful Public Speaking Tips All Entrepreneurs Should Rely On

Public speaking

Pitching investors is very stressful for entrepreneurs who are not confident enough with their presentation skills. The stress often gets to the speakers, leaving them unable to present their otherwise carefully-crafted and well-rehearsed pitches. Public speaking is something that many people fear and intentionally avoid. But entrepreneurs are on a mission to change the world (or at least to dominate their industries), so they must be able to conquer their deepest fears and to get out there to network and pitch their companies and products to potential clients and investors.

Attending pitching and networking events is great opportunity to accelerate your startup, so take a moment to explore these successful public speaking tips, which will help you to boost your confidence.

Be natural

At pitching events, the stake is high, because all entrepreneurs are there to compete for the attention of the investors. This puts additional pressure on the speaker, turning their pitch (and especially the Q&A session) into nightmare. The stress of presenting in front of large audience is enormous even for experienced speakers. The only way to make the whole experience less stressful is to think about it in a different way. Look at it as any other conversation, where you are being yourself – be natural, relax, forget about the number of the people in the room and present as you are speaking with any other interlocutor when having a one-to-one conversation.

Be passionate

Great speakers are famous with their unlimited passion for the topics they speak about. Passion is very powerful and easily translates in words. Speakers who are extremely excited by the subject they talk about are successful, because they effortlessly succeed in sounding more compelling to their audience. Investors look for passionate entrepreneurs, who believe in their companies and know how to share these emotions with the rest of the world.

Deliver with more than words

Words matter, but they are not everything. The body language and the voice tone communicate the message, which the speaker sends, in a higher level. The things that you say matter alongside with the way you are saying them. Mind the body language, practice your voice tone and next time when you pitch investors you will be able to deliver your message in a more memorable way. Delivering the right message is the key to giving great speech. Always try to keep your talk on point, have a clear goal that you want to achieve with your speech and emphasize on it while you present.

After spending 30 years of studying some of the greatest speakers in the world, Richard Greene has found the seven key ingredients of truly impactful and powerful speeches. During his TEDxOrangeCoast talk, he shares these seven secrets. Watch the video below to find out what makes a great speech and don’t hesitate to leave your comment in the comment section.

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