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3 Myths about the Future of Work Debunked

The automation anxiety that comes from the growing impact machines and AI have on the job market has become a very interesting topic of discussion. The tremendous advances in technology, robotics, and AI, increase the justified fear that many people will lose their jobs to machines.

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Stuart Russell’s Three Key Principles to Create Safer AI

Funding for the AI and robotic startup sector has surged in the past several years. But this comes as no surprise as we are in just the beginning of the AI revolution. AI startups create enormous buzz among investors, who see the tremendous potential of the industry in the long run.

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Technology Will Never Replace Humans and Two More Outtakes From Jack Ma’s Computing Conference 2017 Speech

If you worry that technology sooner or later will overtake humans, maybe it is time to look at the situation from another angle. When inevitably, AI and robots will transform the workforce landscape, it won’t necessarily mean that humans won’t still play a key role. Or at least this is what Alibaba’s Jack Ma thinks.

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2025 Technological Tipping Points Predictions That Matter for Entrepreneurs

Advances in technology are the topic that everyone in the business world is interested in. Heated discussions about the way these advances are currently affecting and will continue to affect the way we live, work, and do business occur on daily basis. Undeniably, technology and innovation have changed already every aspect of our lives, which…

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The Future is Here: Human and AI Collaborate to Create Music Album

Like it or not, AI is becoming slowly but surely a great part of our lives, changing tremendously the way humans live, work, communicate, learn, commute and so on. While many people, including Elon Musk, are skeptical about the good outcomes of this galloping growth, many people, including Mark Zuckerberg, believe that AI possesses no…

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10 Quotes that Give a Different Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Futuristic minds and visionaries see the future driven by technology in different ways. The clash of opinion about the future of AI between two of the most successful entrepreneurs of our times Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg proves how interesting the topic is and how uncertain the results…

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