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Crafting the Perfect Pitch: The Early Pitch Decks of Airbnb, BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and YouTube

Looking at the success stories of billion-dollar companies like Airbnb, BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and YouTube, makes people wonder how these companies become that successful. The start for each and every one of these companies was no different from the start of all startups.

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Five Cost-cutting Websites For Entrepreneurs

Running a business is challenging, but do you know what is even more challenging? Running a business on a tight budget. If you are an entrepreneur just in the beginning of your business journey, you know exactly what we mean. Money is scarcity yet the bills keep piling up. Every penny counts, so entrepreneurs on…

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Business Model Innovation during the Rise of Sharing Economy

Business model innovation is something that all successful startups are really good at. They have the advantage before global companies to be more open to embracing different business approaches. Startups have the ability to model their businesses on the go, while big companies struggle to embrace all the change that technology and innovation bring on…

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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: The Minds behind Tesla, Uber and Airbnb

Starting a business is a lonely journey that requires a lot of time, efforts and personal sacrifices. The risk of starting a company is huge, but when a powerful idea is born, acting on it seems like the only option. When the path gets rocky many entrepreneurs feel like they are so close to giving…

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