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Four Marketing Books For Non-Marketers

Entrepreneurship is challenging. As not everyone is lucky enough to meet a great co-founder, many founders begin their startup journey alone. Before they can afford to hire people and form a team, they handle all important roles in the business by themselves – from product development through marketing and sales to customer service.

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Amazon Key Takes Package Delivery to a Whole New Level

Amazon long ago has become much more than just a book delivery company as now it dominates almost every corner of the e-commerce market. Whenever we think that Amazon has reached its peak in perfecting their delivery services, the company always has something new to introduce us to in order to prove us wrong.

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The Greatest Speeches in History: We Are What We Choose by Jeff Bezos

The Greatest Speeches in History is a weekly column that compiles the most memorable speeches in history with the goal to emphasize the power of public speaking, to illustrate its importance, impact, and necessity to master. The infamous founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos is one of the most remarkable entrepreneurs of our times. As one…

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