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Three Beyond-Money Investment Motivators You Should Know About

VCs and angel investors trust entrepreneurs with their money on daily basis. The return in cash, of course, is the main motivator (most of the times) behind their investments, yet there are other powers that keep the investors active in the very risky and highly-competitive startup environment.

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Effective Ways for Startups to Attract Angel Investors and VCs

Entrepreneurs often get stressed when the time to raise capital for their companies comes. It is a very challenging moment, especially when we talk about first-time investment from angel investors or VCs. The competition is tough and the stakes are very high, so it is important the entrepreneurs to be well-prepared, to pay attention to…

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The Powerful Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship

Mentoring is a key element of successful entrepreneurship. It gives advantage to the entrepreneurs to grow not only their companies, but also to grow as people and professionals, by sharing the expertise of others. The mentoring effect in entrepreneurship is very powerful and makes a difference – it is important topic that should not have…

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