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Powerful Body Language Hacks to Appear More Confident

Confident people tend to have more success in their lives. They often get ahead at work quickly, easily connect with anybody, and always stand out in social situations, networking events and group gatherings. They owe it mainly to the fact that they effortlessly exude self-assurance and their body language plays a key role in it.

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Networking events
3 Techniques To Be More Memorable at Networking Events

The ultimate goal for entrepreneurs at pitching and networking events is to present their companies in the most memorable way possible in order to get the attention of potential clients and the interest of investors. The entrepreneurs are the face of the company. They are the people, who have to pitch their businesses to the…

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Body language
Can Bad Body Language Ruin Your Pitch?

There are many ingredients of a perfect pitch. Some of them are least important than others, yet there are some small details, which can turn your pitch into disastrous situation if you overlook them. Don’t let a small detail to ruin your pitch and make sure that you think and prepare everything for the big…

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