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The Most Common Roadblocks Entrepreneurs Face

Starting a business is a very exciting experience. In the beginning, many entrepreneurs believe that they are unstoppable and destined to achieve success. With the time, however, obstacles start to appear on the way, showing clearly that things just got real.

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Five Tips Entrepreneurs Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

There are many reasons for an entrepreneur to feel burned out – stress, overworking, business setbacks, lack of sleep, constant traveling, just to name a few. Many entrepreneurs, however, feel burned out even if they are doing exactly what they are passionate about and everything is going in the right direction. Why?

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Three Things to Remember When You Experience Founders Fatigue

Founders fatigue is the worst emotionally-related experiences entrepreneurs face. When the excitement of having full control over your life and the freedom to take all important decisions is pushed aside by the constant worry when the next check will come and how to win the next customer over your competition, the thrill of being an…

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Six Entrepreneurship Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

Have you ever felt like your whole life consists of similar events? If whatever you do, you always find yourself in resembling situations, you may think it is just a coincidence. But don’t forget that your future to a great extent depends on the choices you make today.

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5 Ways to Weave Ultimate Self-Care Into Running a Business

Anxiety and burnout are no strangers to entrepreneurs. The devastating consequences that the constant exposure to stress brings in the lives of startup owners slowly but surely become a topic of discussion among the startup community.

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Save Your Startup Now! Why Entrepreneurs Should Nurture Their Inner Selves?

It is always a good idea to slow down for a moment and to get back to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship – to think about the idea, the product, the value, the startup mission and the ambition to make the world a better place. Ambitious and aspiring entrepreneurs tend to focus solely on the business…

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Bad habits
Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Should Break to Succeed

Entrepreneurs make a lot of sacrifices in their personal and professional lives in order to pursue their dreams, to invest in their ideas and to dedicate most (if not all of) their time to their businesses. To achieve success requires hard work, unlimited passion and courage. The entrepreneurs must unveil their full potential on their…

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Startup blues
Simple Ways for Entrepreneurs to Beat the Startup Blues

The idea of being an entrepreneur is very captivating with all of the perks and excitement, all the freedom, flexibility, countless opportunity and control that come with establishing a business venture. If starting a company was just sunshine and rainbows, why so less people have the courage to take the leap and start acting on…

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4 Warning Signs of Entrepreneurial Burnout

Experiencing burnout is one of the worst things that could happen to an entrepreneur. While working hard on the growth of the company has become main priority, many startup founders neglect their need of rest, de-stress, healthy eating and even sleep. Many entrepreneurs feel obligated to devote all of their time and energy to their…

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Stress Management: How to Stay Calm under Pressure

The fast-paced lives of busy entrepreneurs are filled with many stressful situations. They constantly work under stress often caused by the uncertainty of the future of their starting business, by the challenges and setbacks and by the exhausting long weeks of hard work. The pressure sometimes becomes unbearable, leading to physical and emotional exhaustion and…

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