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4 Approaches To Embrace Adaptability in Your Business Model

Globalization, the constant emerging of new technologies and the fast-changing markets and customers needs make building a company from scratch looking like a mission impossible. Building a startup is risky, is challenging and scary, yet there are some entrepreneurs, who manage to break the vicious circle of failure and escape to fall into the sad…

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4 Critical Success Factors for Startups

Things of great value, which make a difference, take time and patience to be created. Building a profitable company is a long journey, paved with many obstacles. The path often gets rocky and many entrepreneurs can’t overcome the obstacles, which leads to the failure of the company. The statistics show that about 50% of the…

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Four Business Model Canvas Tools for Startups

Many startup ventures are unsuccessful because the entrepreneurs fail to create strong business models by setting too optimistic and unrealistic goals and action plans. In order to avoid making crucial mistakes, entrepreneurs should focus on what really matters for their companies and outline the viability of the business in their business models. Some of the…

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