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4 Approaches To Embrace Adaptability in Your Business Model

Globalization, the constant emerging of new technologies and the fast-changing markets and customers needs make building a company from scratch looking like a mission impossible. Building a startup is risky, is challenging and scary, yet there are some entrepreneurs, who manage to break the vicious circle of failure and escape to fall into the sad…

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3 Must-Watch Ted Talks on Blockchain and the Future of Money

Technology will tremendously change society and the economy as we know it. In fact, this change has already started. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and already has transformed the way we communicate, commute, learn, travel, work, and so on. It has also shaken the traditional understanding of money and the way money transactions are…

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5 Leadership Approaches in a World Driven By Change

Change. This word makes a lot of people very uncomfortable. They associate it with breaking the well-known routine and getting out of their comfort zone. Change is a word that projects in the minds of many the sense of a challenge.

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In The Fast-Paced Entrepreneurial World, Can We Actually Praise Slowness?

As an entrepreneur, you probably feel a lot of pressure. Along with the pressure that comes from uncertainty, tremendous responsibility, financial worries and the growing competition, there is one source of pressure that makes the majority of people the most uncomfortable – the race against the clock.

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Twitter Tests 280 Character Limit and Some Reactions Are Priceless

On Tuesday, Twitter made an announcement that it is testing the expansion of character count from 140 symbols to 280. This significant change will be tested by a random group of Twitter accounts and is not available in Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

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Do You Want to Change the World? Start a Company!

Technology and innovation change the way we think about our jobs and the way we actually work. Technology and innovation foster entrepreneurship and inspire creative thinking. Nowadays, more and more people dare to channel their entrepreneurial spirit and to make the brave move to start a company.

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Flexibility – The Main Key to Building a Thriving Startup

Why do we believe in predictions when in most cases they are false? Because the idea of knowing what will happen makes us feel like we are in control. We check the forecast, believe the economists, take business advice, listen to lifestyle coaches, and even check our horoscopes (only because we are curious) just to…

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Why Startups Need to Think About Change Management?

Thousands of years ago, the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus became famous with the insistence that change is the main fundamental of the Universe. His infamous statements “No man ever steps in the same river twice” and “The only thing that is constant is change” have been traveling through the years, challenging people to think about…

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Changing Direction: 3 Signs That Show It Is Time To Pivot

Few startups are born by well-developed and completely perfect ideas that have no flaws. This is why it is very important for the entrepreneurs to sense when it is time for a change to be made in the main idea and strategy. Small business owners often make the fatal mistake to miss the signs indicating…

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Startup blues
Simple Ways for Entrepreneurs to Beat the Startup Blues

The idea of being an entrepreneur is very captivating with all of the perks and excitement, all the freedom, flexibility, countless opportunity and control that come with establishing a business venture. If starting a company was just sunshine and rainbows, why so less people have the courage to take the leap and start acting on…

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