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What Does It Take to Build A Million Dollar App?

The fact that there is an app for everything you can imagine makes many entrepreneurs believe that the way to success is simple – just build the next hottest app and you are there. Yet, the reality isn’t that simple. There are million dollars apps out there (some of these highly successful apps were built…

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Recruiting Level Apple: A Hidden Ad to Attract Top Talent

Companies are getting creative when it comes to finding the best talent. The traditional HR tactics are out-fashioned when it comes to hiring high-skilled talented tech experts. Even though most HR departments try to stay on track with trends, the best fits for certain position wouldn’t make it past the first CV scanning.

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Five Awesome Websites to Learn How to Code

Entrepreneurs must possess dozens of skills that more or less determine the success of their ventures. In the highly competitive business world it is essential to be different, more prepared and overall simply better than the rest in order to succeed. Non-technical founders often overlook the importance of learning how to code (even the basics)…

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