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How to Effectively Connect Entrepreneurs

The majority of the startups fail. Most entrepreneurs can’t make it through the first year of running their businesses. Surviving and thriving in the world of entrepreneurship is a challenge, which not many manage to overcome.

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Building Your Entrepreneurial Community: 10 Things That Make You Less Likable

Being part of a strong entrepreneurial community is very important for startup owners. Getting along with other entrepreneurs is a great way to feel more connected to the entrepreneurial scene around you, to expand your horizon and attract more opportunities.

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Weekly Startup Focus: Startuptravels, Preply and AddGoals

Discovering the world of entrepreneurship and exploring the startup scenes around the world gives tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs to get inspired, encouraged and confident to start or continue working on turning their business ideas into reality. To hearten this process, in our weekly column we introduce to our community successful startups from different parts of…

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