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Three Mistakes Creative Teams Should Never Make

Creativity is one of the skills that make professionals and teams more competitive in the business world, developing during the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Along with critical thinking, problem-solving and the ability to effectively use data, creativity is a skill that companies look for in all of their employees.

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Are Routines Killing Your Creativity?

Routines are said to foster creativity. Once you organize your everyday tasks into a routine, you are more likely to complete everything on time. Routines give a feeling of comfort that everything is under control. They make us feel more relaxed and calm when it comes to following the otherwise busy schedule.

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The Simple but Essential Company Culture Element Entrepreneurs Must Embrace

What makes a business successful? While there isn’t one single recipe to follow, there are many ingredients, the perfect blend of which can result into creating a successful company.  From great idea through devoted and motivated teamwork to partnering with the right investors – the factors of success are many.

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Three Techniques Creative Thinkers Use for Generating Innovative Ideas

Creative thinking and idea generating stand at the core of innovation. Without innovation, starting companies will struggle to make it in the long run. Entrepreneurs need to embrace the mindset of creative thinkers in order to come up with new ideas and solutions for important problems.

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Feeling Stuck? Here are 15 Ways to Unleash Your Creative Genius!

Creative blocks aren’t problems just for artists, writers, and photographers; they are something very common among entrepreneurs as well. Everybody, who is active in the entrepreneurial world where the competition is out of hand, needs to have fresh ideas and inspiration to pursue them. So, what can you do to unleash your creative genius if…

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Five Bad Habits That Kill Innovation in Your Startup

In the highly-competitive entrepreneurial world, the only way to keep your startup on top of the wave is to rely on constant innovation. Entrepreneurs, who embrace the need for innovation, drive their businesses to success as they manage to outrun the competition.

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7 Things Entrepreneurs and Artists Have in Common

Artists and entrepreneurs have more in common than you can imagine. Both worlds may seem too different, yet the similarities are shocking. Successful entrepreneurs and great artists are both people who create, build, and innovate; they are passionate, ambitious and vivid learners. The similarities are many, but here are the seven that stand out.

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Why Should Your Startup Team Try the Marshmallow Challenge?

Startups nowadays tend to spend thousands of dollars on office space reinvention. Game rooms, relax and meditation areas, a yoga class space, or an indoors slide like the one at Google’s headquarters are just an alternatives for entrepreneurs, who would do anything to motivate and inspire their startup teams.

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Chanel the Power of Routines to Become a Top Performer

Steve Job was an extraordinary man, famous for many things – for being a great leader, visionary innovator, a man with difficult character. He was also famous for his morning routine. Every single morning he asked himself one simple question: “If today was the last day of my life would I want to do what…

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Fundamentals of Innovation Management For Startup Founders

Continuous innovation is one of the key components of entrepreneurial success. The entrepreneurs need to focus on implementing innovative strategies in every aspect of their businesses. Many startup owners focus solely on developing the products, channel their efforts, time and resources in this direction and overlook the importance of innovating in all company links. Entrepreneurs,…

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