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Why Startups Need to Think About Change Management?

Thousands of years ago, the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus became famous with the insistence that change is the main fundamental of the Universe. His infamous statements “No man ever steps in the same river twice” and “The only thing that is constant is change” have been traveling through the years, challenging people to think about…

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3 Ways to Build Startup Culture of Transparency

Building strong company culture is one of the main priorities of entrepreneurs with strong leadership skills. Great startups are built by awesome teams of talented people, who share the same vision and core values as the founders of the company, which is why transparency is essential element of every effective startup culture. Building a culture…

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The Three Rules of Giving Effective Feedback to Employees

The power of receiving feedback is unquestionable nevertheless it is positive or negative. Through feedback the entrepreneurs and team members can get a better insight of the work they do and can understand better how their efforts are being seen through the eyes of others. Receiving feedback can be very useful, especially when it is…

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Are You a Bad Leader? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Leadership is proven to be one of the most important business fundamentals that should be mastered by entrepreneurs. Good leadership skills increase drastically the chances of startup success. There are some people, who are natural born leaders. Others need to spend the time to actually learn about the traits of a successful leader, to embrace…

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7 Particularly Valued Traits of Startup Employees

Tech companies are in constant search for talented, smart and motivated employees. Nowadays, when it comes to building a company, especially tech-oriented, significant amount of effort is dedicated on attracting, keeping and investing in human capital. Once you have managed to build the dream team for your startup, it is important to focus on keeping…

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Startup employees
How to Retain Your Most Valuable Startup Employees

What increases the chances of startup success? There are many business elements that can predict the future of a starting company. The best combination between innovative ideas, exceptional execution plans and talented and experienced team can form the foundations of a promising startup. Forming a great startup team can accelerate your business: investors are interested in…

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Human resources
4 Useful Human Resources Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners face a lot of challenges on everyday basis related with different aspects of their companies. It is easy to ignore the human resources side of the business when you have that much going on, which doesn’t mean that you should do that. It is not OK to mismanage this serious aspect of…

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