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Is There A Need For A Rulebook of Entrepreneurship?

Rules – there are so many of them to follow, so many that we should be careful not to break otherwise we can get in trouble. There are rules that are mandatory to follow; there are rules that can be broken without this to make a big difference.

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25 Kick-Ass Quotes to Boost Your Productivity

Today is Friday! For people with corporate jobs, this is a moment of celebration. For entrepreneurs, however, it is just a regular day. Entrepreneurship knows no two-days-long weekend. Devoted entrepreneurs are always connected with their businesses 24/7. But how to keep the productivity levels high all the time?

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7 Things Entrepreneurs and Artists Have in Common

Artists and entrepreneurs have more in common than you can imagine. Both worlds may seem too different, yet the similarities are shocking. Successful entrepreneurs and great artists are both people who create, build, and innovate; they are passionate, ambitious and vivid learners. The similarities are many, but here are the seven that stand out.

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4 Ways Reignite Your Passion For Entrepreneurial Success

Keeping the passion for success alive is hard, especially if you don’t get the support you need and face setback after setback. You may get tired, bored and discouraged if your business can’t get off the ground or can’t grow the way you expected it. And then you may notice how your passion slips through…

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The Power of Design Thinking in Entrepreneurship

Innovation is the driving power of entrepreneurs, who want to change the world as we know it. And as a result of this importance of innovation in entrepreneurship, a big place for design thinking is reserved in the lives of all startup enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries.

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Effective Reasoning And The Power of Entrepreneurial Thinking

We tend to believe that entrepreneurs have started their ventures with a great insight into the future when the fact is that many of them started small and built their businesses gradually to the dimensions they exist right now by reshaping the initial idea.

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Entrepreneurship: The Mystery of Making Something Significant Out of Nothing

Fostering entrepreneurship has become the main mission for many governments, universities, well-established corporations, even kindergartens. The power that entrepreneurship has is unique: it allows the people to think out of the box, to take bolder decisions and to envision and create a better future.

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4 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths and Build a Business That Thrives

Finding your personal and entrepreneurial strengths have a tremendous power and can change your life forever. It can give you the motivation and confidence to turn into a business something that you truly enjoy doing and are truly passionate about.

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The 5 Podcasts No Entrepreneur Should Miss

Most entrepreneurs are very busy and try their best to stay on top on their schedules. This is why mastering the art of productivity is very important for innovative business owners. There should be time for everything – from the essential business tasks through attending an important meeting to learning new things and improving their…

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4 Signs That You Might Not Be an Entrepreneurial Material

Nowadays, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. How not to? Entrepreneurship sounds so exciting: making your dreams come true while earning millions; being your own boss and making all important decisions; having a team of employees, who follow religiously your lead; being under the spotlight; having the opportunity to travel, to work flexible hours and…

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