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The Hottest Entrepreneurship Books of Summer 2017

Summer is here and everyone, including hard-working entrepreneurs, is in a mood for a vacation. Now is the perfect time to take some days off the business, to take a trip to a desired destination and to clear your head. Vacations are a great way to relax and to recharge, but they are also the…

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The Seven Attributes That Identify Authentic Leadership

For many years, leadership has been one of the most discussed topics among world leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives; it has been thought in universities and has been studied by scientists. We talk about leadership on an everyday basis, because it is truly important. Great leaders have changed the world as we know it, but…

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Special Interview with Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager at Oasis500

Oasis500 is the leading seed stage investment and business accelerator in the MENA region, which is designed to create a sustainable entrepreneurship ecosystem by developing and funding startup companies. Oasis500 was one of the valuable partners of ThePitcher 2016 event! In a special interview for ThePitcher, Faisal Al Bitar, Assistant Investment Manager within Oasis500, gives…

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The Two Basic Steps to Overcoming Entrepreneurial Uncertainty

Have you ever thought that successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience and many surefire projects behind their backs have it all figured out? Surprisingly, this is not always the truth. The facts speak louder than assumptions – entrepreneurial uncertainty is part of the lives of even the most self-aware and agile entrepreneurs. The only…

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Weekly Startup Focus: Lookback, Scheduit and Talent.io

As we continue to keep our focus on everything new, interesting and exciting happening in the global entrepreneurial and fast-growing startup scene, this week in our weekly column once again we are introducing to our community three promising startups – meet Lookback, Scheduit and Talent.io. Lookback Founded in 2013, the Swedish startup Lookback helps businesses…

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Weekly Startup Focus: CornerJob, Fundbox and Kompyte

To thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship is not an easy goal to achieve. The emerging startups that want to disrupt whole markets must rely on innovation and need to provide effective solutions to important problems. In our column on weekly basis we present three interesting companies from different entrepreneurial hubs around the world…

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Larry Ellison
20 Powerful Larry Ellison Quotes to Inspire Success and Innovation

Larry Ellison, the well-known American businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist, co-founder of Oracle, one of the richest men in the world and often called “the real-life Tony Stark”, is a great inspiration for many people around the world. To note the powerful impact that he has had on generations of entrepreneurs, here we’ve collected 20 of…

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7 Attitudes to Embrace During Pitching and Networking Events

Possessing the most common traits of great entrepreneurs, such as talent, knowledge, experience, passion and ambition, doesn’t guarantee you success. Many other entrepreneurs are also very passionate about their businesses, are talented and really good at what they do, so the competition is tough. The thing that can really differentiate you from the rest and…

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Is Timing The Most Important Element of Startup Success?

Many entrepreneurs give in to doubt before they start their business ventures, yet once they overcome this awful feeling of self-doubt and their companies pick up and achieve growth many of the founders start to ask themselves the question: Why haven’t I started earlier? Imagine that – you’ve had “this amazing idea” for years but…

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5 Lessons to Learn Before You Launch Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Launching a crowdfunding campaign is a serious job that takes much more effort than only making a “fun and engaging” YouTube video to present the product. Most of the entrepreneurs, who have run successful crowdfunding campaigns, share that it has taken them approximately 30 hours per week to manage the course of their campaigns throughout…

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