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Weekly Startup Focus: Introducing Charity Stars, LiateR and Bitrise

Connecting, inspiring and encouraging entrepreneurs to expand their networks are extremely important for the growth and advancement of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a global level. Every week we are introducing to our audience three promising startups from around the world and this week is no different. Today we keep our startup focus on CharityStars, LiateR…

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25 Insights That Prove the Importance of Innovative Thinking

Creativity and innovative thinking, as they go hand in hand, are highly important and successful characteristics of an entrepreneur. Emotional intelligence is also a significant trait of innovative thinkers. The ability of a startup founder to envision and translate an idea into a product that solves a problem and adds value increases the chances of…

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Entrepreneurial Inspiration: The Minds behind Tesla, Uber and Airbnb

Starting a business is a lonely journey that requires a lot of time, efforts and personal sacrifices. The risk of starting a company is huge, but when a powerful idea is born, acting on it seems like the only option. When the path gets rocky many entrepreneurs feel like they are so close to giving…

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5 YouTube Channels Every Entrepreneur Should Subscribe To

YouTube is great! It has become very important not only for brands that want to connect with their customers, but also a very resourceful place for entrepreneurs and small business owners, who want to engage with well-recognized startup influencers, mentors and experts. There are many channels that post regular updates and great video content. To…

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Winning the Startup Life: Happiness and Entrepreneurship

Meeting with entrepreneurs and following and observing their startup ventures and entrepreneurship paths have been a big part of my work for years. There are many interesting stories, which a person can hear from entrepreneurs of any age and background. The business aspect of entrepreneurship is substantial, but what fascinates me the most is the…

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Business classes
Four Business Classes Every Entrepreneur Must Take

The entrepreneurial spirit never sleeps – it always haunts the startup enthusiasts to work hard towards achieving their goals, growing their businesses and becoming better (if not the best) at what they do. Successful people of any age and occupation have a number of traits in common – they all live by higher standards and…

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The Founder’s Dilemma: Are You Ready to Launch Your Startup?

Starting a business is a dream for many people, who are sick and tired of working from 9 to 5 and can’t stand any longer to be lead by bad management. They just want to take everything in their own hands and become the master of their time. But how could a person know when…

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10 Motivational Movies Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Entrepreneurship is a lonely business. Entrepreneurs are constantly misunderstood, often called “harebrained”, repeatedly asked “When you will get a REAL job?”. The struggle is real not only when the business path gets rocky, but also when the emotional exhaustion starts to take over the well-being of the entrepreneur. Stress is energy draining and slowly leads…

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Marketing Books
The Best Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

All solo-entrepreneurs in the beginning of their venture play the key and most significant roles in their companies – finance, marketing, HR, – everything is in their hands. The responsibilities are many and the expectations are high. The future of the startup depends on these important first months. To keep up with all the responsibilities,…

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8 Annoying Startup Myths Entrepreneurs Must Ignore

The mystical life of an entrepreneur looks like one never-ending journey in a land of excitement and dreams-come-true. Sounds great, right? Well, the reality is a little bit different than that. The long hours, constant setbacks and failure, which are more common than the bright-sided stories, define better the entrepreneurial journey. There are many startup…

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