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3 Reasons For Making Excuses That Hurt Your Business

Making excuses holds back many entrepreneurs and limits their chances of achieving business growth. By finding reasons not to act on your ideas, avoiding risk and responsibility and sticking to a comfortable routine, you are missing many opportunities and chances to improve and expand your business. Risk aversion and entrepreneurship can never go hand in…

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Redefining Entrepreneurial Success and Failure

Failure and success – the two most discussed topics among entrepreneurs, who are courageous enough to risk everything on their way to pursuing their dreams and building businesses from scratch. On one hand, success is difficult to define because the different people tend to value their achievements differently. On the other hand, failure is often…

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7 Damaging Behaviors of Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneurs share many common traits, which help them along the way to achieving their goals. The same is true about unsuccessful people – they share similar behaviors that are holding them back on their way to success. If you want to be more productive, concentrated and motivated, avoid falling into the trap of the…

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Five Steps to an Effective Business Turnaround

The business world is changing very fast and dramatically. Small businesses and growing companies often find it challenging to embrace the changes and to adapt to the chaos these changes often cause. Entrepreneurs should be flexible in their strategies and leaders must adjust their approaches according to the demands of the circumstances if they don’t…

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Entrepreneurial Struggles: The Quick Road from Success to Failure

The reason why so many people reach success and struggle to keep up with it and eventually fail is that they believe that the road to success is a one way street – once you get there, you stay there. Many people, who have managed to reach the top of their goals and dreams decide…

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Five Questions That Help Entrepreneurs to Evaluate Failure

Entrepreneurs take important decisions about their businesses on everyday basis. Making mistakes is inevitable part of running a business – all people blunder, no matter how talented and experienced they are. To fail is not the scariest part of being an entrepreneur. The worst is to go from failure to failure without drawing a lesson…

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How to Bounce Back from a Major Setback

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to dealing with challenges, constant setbacks and major failures. This is the hard way to success – through failure. Knowing that does not help much when the circumstances seem unbearable and the solution for a problem looks impossible to find. Everything in life in some point gets related with a sort…

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The Main Reasons Why Most Startups Fail

You have probably heard many dreadful stories about failure, which with a vengeance are genuinely disturbing and easily make every entrepreneur instinctively flinch. Even some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our times once have hit the bottom – Bill Gates watched his first company fall apart, Arianna Huffington was rejected by 36 publishers, Steve…

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Pitching competitions
5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Attending Pitching Competitions

ThePitcher 2016 brought together 30 disparate companies to compete for winning not only the special prizes and the attention of the investors, but also the opportunity to be named the winner of the first edition of the most up-and-coming pitching competition in the region. All of the participating startups successfully embraced the chance to present…

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