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3 Quick Tips on Networking for Entrepreneurs Who Hate to Network

We get it! Networking events can be quite intimidating – a hall full of people you don’t know passing business cards in every direction; formed in circle groups of people, who seem to be engaged in the most remarkable conversation, making it even more intimidating to join them; the clique of investors standing in the…

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Pitching competitions
5 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Attending Pitching Competitions

ThePitcher 2016 brought together 30 disparate companies to compete for winning not only the special prizes and the attention of the investors, but also the opportunity to be named the winner of the first edition of the most up-and-coming pitching competition in the region. All of the participating startups successfully embraced the chance to present…

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Three Reasons to Follow Up After Meeting with Investors

All entrepreneurs know that it is never easy to arrange a meeting with prominent investor. This is why one of the biggest opportunities, which networking and pitching events present to all startup teams, precisely the opportunity to meet with notable investors, is good enough reason to attend as many of these events as you could.

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