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The Power of Influencers: How One Kylie Jenner’s Tweet Cost Snapchat $1.3 Billion

Last Thursday, SNAP’s stock went 6% down with an estimated stock loss of $1.3 billion USD.  An interesting reason for this setback has been pointed out by the media, which is a huge warning call not just for Snapchat but for all social media platforms out there.  

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25 Powerful Insights from the Most Famous Digital Marketing Influencers

Digital marketing is huge. And it is true that if you run a business and you are not online, you are doomed. Nowadays, the majority of customers use Google and social media as a source of information before they make the final decision of purchasing. Through social media, the brands communicate with their customers and…

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The Fundamentals of Attracting Influencers to Your Startup

Connecting with high-level industry influencers and establishing good relationships with them can make a significant difference to the popularization and online visibility of your brand. Having a well-known, trusted and respected influencer with an impressive social following to advocate your brand gives you competitive advantage and increases the chances of attracting more people to your business….

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