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Jeff Bezos
20 Inspirational Jeff Bezos Quotes on Business and Innovation

Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, is one of the most significant entrepreneurs and empowering leaders of our times. As one of the pioneers in e-commerce, Bezos is a figure young first-time entrepreneurs can learn much from. Here we’ve collected 20 of his most significant insights on business and innovation that can inspire…

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4 Steps of Generating and Implementing Innovative Ideas

Entrepreneurs, who tend to focus solely on their day-to-day work, tend to fall into a routine. The creative spark often fades away when the stress and pressure of running a business takes over. Thinking creatively is important in every level and stage of development of the company. By inspiring forward thinking, the entrepreneurs create more…

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Information as the Driving Power of Innovative Thinking

The need to have up-to-date information about everything important that is happening not only in their niche, but in the world in general, is becoming a necessity for people who want to be experts, influencers and innovative thinkers, for people, who run startups and aim to build companies that not only look at the future,…

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Change as a Source of Innovative Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Change can be successfully exploited by talented entrepreneurs and turned to a major opportunity for generating ideas and practices for the development of different products and services. The most innovative creations have come to life as a result of change or seeking of change as a way to improve, solve a problem or prevent one…

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Elon Musk
20 Remarkable Elon Musk Quotes That Prove His Brilliance

Engineer, inventor, explorer – undoubtedly, Elon Musk is the most talked-about visionary leader and entrepreneur of our times. Born in South Africa in 1971, he is known for making innovative and bold ideas reality, which led him to the founding of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX – companies that have a great impact on the…

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innovation management
5 Idea and Innovation Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Ideas and innovation have a special place in the world of entrepreneurship. It is important for entrepreneurs to find a way to collect and organize the ideas in a way that will allow them to easily sift the best ones from the bad ones, to brainstorm with their team members and to create actual execution…

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Think Like an Innovator: Ignite Your Creative Spark

Entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand. Startups that are driven by creative ideas and untraditional thinking are more likely to make a difference in their niche and to even disrupt whole industries. If you want to ignite your creative spark and to challenge yourself to think out of the box, this is the place…

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Weekly Startup Focus: VersionPress, Funzi, ARTFLAKES

For our Weekly Startup Focus column, we are looking for ideas worth spreading and for innovative startups that have great potential and are providing valuable services to their clients and users. This week we introduce to you VersionPress (Czech Republic), Funzi (Finland) and ARTFLAKES (Germany). VersionPress Founded in 2013, this Prague-based startup offers an innovative…

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25 Insights That Prove the Importance of Innovative Thinking

Creativity and innovative thinking, as they go hand in hand, are highly important and successful characteristics of an entrepreneur. Emotional intelligence is also a significant trait of innovative thinkers. The ability of a startup founder to envision and translate an idea into a product that solves a problem and adds value increases the chances of…

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