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The Power of Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Distractions are everywhere around us in the busy business world that we live in. Entrepreneurs struggle to find the time to complete all the tasks on their schedules, which can be very frustrating. The stress of working under the pressure of time becomes unbearable in the long run. In times, it seems impossible to stay…

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emotional intelligence
4 Questions Emotional Intelligent Leaders Ask Themselves

Emotional intelligence is one of the strongest traits of talented, natural-born leaders and entrepreneurs, who are running effectively their businesses towards success. Evaluating their achievements and failures is something that all productive entrepreneurs do regularly in order to have better understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and their ability to take right decisions that lead to…

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How to Run Successful Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming is very popular method, widely used by executives and leaders that has proven its effectiveness and undoubtedly brings evident results when done right. Holding brainstorming sessions effectively helps entrepreneurs and their teams to find solutions to problems and to generate creative ideas faster and easier. The sessions encourage every attendee to approach the topic…

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Are You a Bad Leader? 10 Questions to Ask Yourself

Leadership is proven to be one of the most important business fundamentals that should be mastered by entrepreneurs. Good leadership skills increase drastically the chances of startup success. There are some people, who are natural born leaders. Others need to spend the time to actually learn about the traits of a successful leader, to embrace…

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Business fundamentals
Three Business Fundamentals Entrepreneurs Should Focus On

In the core, successful startups are ideas, to which strategic planning, effective execution plan, and good management have been added. To develop an idea to such limits, the entrepreneurs need to focus on the business aspect of starting a company. Concentrating on strategy, cash and people from day one increases the chances of startup success….

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Startup team
5 Ways to Encourage Your Startup Team Without Breaking The Bank

Working for a startup is not easy. It often gets tough, stressful and tiring. Startups need highly-motivated teams in order to succeed and thrive. It is challenging for entrepreneurs, who are having hard times financially to keep their employees motivated without to have to break the bank for it. Here you can find 5 very…

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30 Peter Drucker Quotes That Will Rock Your Startup World

“The inventor of modern management”, Peter F. Drucker radically changed the way management, leadership, and entrepreneurship were discussed. Through his work as a writer, teacher, management consultant and thinker, and business visionary, he has managed to make a tremendous impact on the business world. Here we’ve collected 30 of his greatest quotes that will inspire…

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6 Rules to Simplify Your Life as an Entrepreneur

The busy life of every entrepreneur can be defined with many words – challenging, overwhelming, exciting – but what people rarely talk about is how complex the work day of a startup founder can get. It has never been easier than now to start a company – the benefits of modern technology play key role…

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What Does It Take to Be a Great Leader?

The investment in leadership development is extremely important for the business and the efforts dedicated to cultivating leaders in companies are tremendously growing. Yet, there is still a lack of successful results. Entrepreneurs must focus on improving their leadership skills on everyday basis in order to lead the company to great achievements by motivating the…

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Effective Leadership: The Importance of Learning How to Delegate

Entrepreneurs with poor leadership skills often take inadequate decisions, which disrupt the work of the team and, if consistent, can generally drag down the startup. There are many traits of empowering leaders such as compassion, good communication skills, empathy, creativity, but the one ability that stands out from the rest is the ability to effectively…

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