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5 Teachable Skills Entrepreneurs Should Master

The most ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs know that they need to invest in themselves as much as they need to invest in their startup venture. As the masterminds behind the ideas and the driving power of the company, they know that constant improvement of their skills is the ultimate ticket to success. There are many…

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Business classes
Four Business Classes Every Entrepreneur Must Take

The entrepreneurial spirit never sleeps – it always haunts the startup enthusiasts to work hard towards achieving their goals, growing their businesses and becoming better (if not the best) at what they do. Successful people of any age and occupation have a number of traits in common – they all live by higher standards and…

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Marketing Books
The Best Marketing Books for Entrepreneurs

All solo-entrepreneurs in the beginning of their venture play the key and most significant roles in their companies – finance, marketing, HR, – everything is in their hands. The responsibilities are many and the expectations are high. The future of the startup depends on these important first months. To keep up with all the responsibilities,…

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