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Weekend habits
Three Unproductive Habits That Are Wasting Your Time

Running a business is very demanding – there are so many things that you need to do and so less time to do them. Forming good work habits can help you achieve your goals faster and become more successful as a startup owner.

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How to Increase the Level of Focus in Your Startup

Distractions are everywhere – from the notifications on your phone through the constant email flow to the office small talk, the list goes on and on. Avoiding distractions and re-gaining your focus back isn’t very simple, yet it is achievable.

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Five Tips That Will Change The Way You Negotiate

Deals. Deals. Deals. As an entrepreneur you make a deal every single day – salary negotiations with new employees, investment terms with your investors, prices with your partners, the list goes on and on. Closing deals takes up a big part of your business, so make sure that you know how to handle it well.

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Three Leadership Approaches That Kill Your Productivity

You’ve set high goals for this year, haven’t you? You probably want to achieve more, to grow your business and outrun the competition; you probably want to learn more, to grow as a person and to become more successful.

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Bad habits
Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Should Break to Succeed

Entrepreneurs make a lot of sacrifices in their personal and professional lives in order to pursue their dreams, to invest in their ideas and to dedicate most (if not all of) their time to their businesses. To achieve success requires hard work, unlimited passion and courage. The entrepreneurs must unveil their full potential on their…

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Time Management Matters: Say NO to Unproductive Meetings

Every person values some things more than others and entrepreneurs value their ideas, their money and most importantly their time. Time is the most valuable asset for business owners and the ability to manage effectively their schedules is of a great advantage.  There are so many things that should be taken care of in a…

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