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Three Steps to Recover After Making a Huge Mistake

We all make mistakes. After all, we are humans, we aren’t perfect. While some mistakes are small and don’t have big negative consequences, sometimes we make mistakes that have huge negative consequences and disturb our whole lives.

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5 Relationships Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Building strong professional and personal network is important for all entrepreneurs. But having a large network doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a strong one. Entrepreneurs must aim to establish effective and meaningful relationships, beneficial for both sides, in order to make their communication more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Here we will highlight the five…

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The Powerful Mentoring Effect in Entrepreneurship

Mentoring is a key element of successful entrepreneurship. It gives advantage to the entrepreneurs to grow not only their companies, but also to grow as people and professionals, by sharing the expertise of others. The mentoring effect in entrepreneurship is very powerful and makes a difference – it is important topic that should not have…

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