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7 Attitudes to Embrace During Pitching and Networking Events

Possessing the most common traits of great entrepreneurs, such as talent, knowledge, experience, passion and ambition, doesn’t guarantee you success. Many other entrepreneurs are also very passionate about their businesses, are talented and really good at what they do, so the competition is tough. The thing that can really differentiate you from the rest and…

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Positive mindset
Startup Challenges: 3 Ways to Maintain a Positive Mindset

Maintaining positive attitude, while going through challenging times for their businesses or the economy in general, can be very difficult and even impossible for some business owners. Staying optimistic when the entrepreneurial path gets rocky may seem as a naive behavior to many people, but can be a life-changing and the best business-saving decision for…

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Networking events
3 Techniques To Be More Memorable at Networking Events

The ultimate goal for entrepreneurs at pitching and networking events is to present their companies in the most memorable way possible in order to get the attention of potential clients and the interest of investors. The entrepreneurs are the face of the company. They are the people, who have to pitch their businesses to the…

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3 Things That Make You Look Unprofessional at Networking Events

Networking is very powerful way to expand the horizon of entrepreneurs and help them to spot new opportunities. If it is not for attending networking and pitching events, it would be extremely difficult for all busy entrepreneurs to find the time and the chance to meet new people, who share the same ideas and passion…

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Pitching events
How Attending Pitching Events Improve the Chances of Investment

Investors don’t only look for the business aspects when they choose a startup to invest in, but also are very interested in the entrepreneur’s personality and abilities when they make their investment decisions. They are able to effectively observe and efficiently estimate the potential of a startup, especially when their judgment is backed by solid…

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4 Critical Success Factors for Startups

Things of great value, which make a difference, take time and patience to be created. Building a profitable company is a long journey, paved with many obstacles. The path often gets rocky and many entrepreneurs can’t overcome the obstacles, which leads to the failure of the company. The statistics show that about 50% of the…

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Pitching events
3 Reasons to Attend Pitching Events if You Are Not Currently Fundraising

Many entrepreneurs begin attending pitching and networking events only when the time for raising money has come. This is not the boldest move to make. Fundraising is tough. It is challenging, competitive and can take a lot of time. Start the process of turning the odds of securing funding in your favor much before you…

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Startup lessons
5 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Don’t Want to Learn the Hard Way

Entrepreneurship is a journey – sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes the path gets rocky. The challenges along the way may seem impossible to overcome, but the opportunities that emerge from them are countless. Innovative ideas are not always easy to implement in the complex world of entrepreneurship. There will be many trials and errors…

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Strategic networking
Strategic Networking Tips for Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs find networking as a luxury that costs time, which they can’t afford to spend. The schedules of startup founders are swamped with endless tasks and even the thought of spending time for attending networking events looks like an impossible task. Time pressure is strong when you are trying to build a business, attract…

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Startup skills
Essential Startup Skills You Won’t Learn in College

Earning a college degree has many advantages – it gives you knowledge, capabilities, it challenges you and helps you become ready to… well, enter the corporate world. Even though there are many colleges teaching entrepreneurship as a discipline, many startup founders find out the hard way that entrepreneurship is learned by practice, not on theory….

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