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5 Teachable Skills Entrepreneurs Should Master

The most ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs know that they need to invest in themselves as much as they need to invest in their startup venture. As the masterminds behind the ideas and the driving power of the company, they know that constant improvement of their skills is the ultimate ticket to success. There are many…

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The Four Key Principles of Successful Networking

Successful networking is amazingly powerful skill, highly important for entrepreneurs and valued by everyone operating in the business world. It is a skill that should be practiced and perfected by every person, who has the ambition to grow well-recognized business and to build strong brand. Networking is powerful only when it is done right. All…

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Pitching Hack for Success: Sending the right message

Many skilled and talented entrepreneurs face regular rejections from investors and the reasons for these rejections often look unexplainable. Everything in the startup is great – you have an awesome team of experienced people, who work perfectly together, you have sufficient market share and awesome product, significant customer network and the support of good mentors…

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8 Annoying Startup Myths Entrepreneurs Must Ignore

The mystical life of an entrepreneur looks like one never-ending journey in a land of excitement and dreams-come-true. Sounds great, right? Well, the reality is a little bit different than that. The long hours, constant setbacks and failure, which are more common than the bright-sided stories, define better the entrepreneurial journey. There are many startup…

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3 Rules to Follow if You Want to Make the Most of Business Networking Events

Networking events give tremendous opportunities to entrepreneurs. From meeting with important key players in your niche and like-minded people through expanding your business network and establishing strong long-term business relationships to increasing your chances of gaining new customers and winning the attention of investors – the benefits compensate the dedicated time.

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Networking mistakes
The Most Common Networking Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make and How to Avoid Them

There is no need to explain why networking matters – it has always been one of the most essential elements of entrepreneurship and a main pillar of local and global entrepreneurial ecosystems. Networking does not end with showing up at every possible networking event you can possibly find the time to attend. By just “being…

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Pitching events
12 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend Pitching and Networking Events

Attending networking and pitching events plays a tremendous part in the lives of almost all entrepreneurs. Here we will leave aside the main and most obvious reasons why entrepreneurs should attend networking events and pitching events, such as: Meeting with investors and having the enormous opportunity to present your startup in front of them and…

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Five Must-Have Apps for Your Next Networking Event

Networking plays important part in the lives of most entrepreneurs. Networking events are full of opportunities, especially for first-time entrepreneurs, who are in need to establish more connections and to meet with other startup enthusiasts. Meeting new people from your industry is important, but meeting with investors and VCs at the networking events can help…

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