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Attending Networking Events – The Secret to Discovering Great Opportunities

Attending networking events is a great way to discover opportunities, to establish new connections, and build the foundations of fruitful relationships for the future.

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Are Routines Killing Your Creativity?

Routines are said to foster creativity. Once you organize your everyday tasks into a routine, you are more likely to complete everything on time. Routines give a feeling of comfort that everything is under control. They make us feel more relaxed and calm when it comes to following the otherwise busy schedule.

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Embrace Every Sales Opportunity By Asking These Three Feedback Questions

When you pictured your life as an entrepreneur, you probably didn’t envision it full of constant meetings and deal negotiations. But let’s face it – it is just part of the business, a very important part, actually. This is why losing a deal that you’ve worked on so hard is very upsetting, but it is…

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The Pitcher 2017 Runner-Up HeyDoc! Is Fundraising!

Are you looking for the next hot startup to add to your investment portfolio? Look no further! We are excited to share that HeyDoc!, The Picther 2017 runner-up, is currently fundraising!

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5 Ways to Use Failure to Your Advantage

Failure is an inevitable part of success. The way startup owners handle setbacks from any scale shows their character and their ability to handle the roller coaster of building a business. Entrepreneurs, who try to avoid failure, sometimes play it too safe, don’t take risks and lower their chances of getting ahead in business.

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Flexibility – The Main Key to Building a Thriving Startup

Why do we believe in predictions when in most cases they are false? Because the idea of knowing what will happen makes us feel like we are in control. We check the forecast, believe the economists, take business advice, listen to lifestyle coaches, and even check our horoscopes (only because we are curious) just to…

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How to Stay Focused and Productive During Times of Crisis

When a difficult situation arises, people tend to panic. The anxiety prevails and often compromises the ability of the people to objectively observe the situation and to look for solutions. Many crises of different scale and type emerge in one’s lifetime – no matter if the crises is personal, professional or economical, it is always…

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15 Quotes to Inspire You to Seize Every Business Opportunity

The definition of business success is very complex – it is combination of different factors and situations, which all together create the perfect environment for innovation and growth. Opportunity favors the well-prepared, the ones, who look for it and can recognize it, even when it looks like a problem, difficulty or even a disastrous situation….

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Change as a Source of Innovative Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Change can be successfully exploited by talented entrepreneurs and turned to a major opportunity for generating ideas and practices for the development of different products and services. The most innovative creations have come to life as a result of change or seeking of change as a way to improve, solve a problem or prevent one…

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Five Questions That Help Entrepreneurs to Evaluate Failure

Entrepreneurs take important decisions about their businesses on everyday basis. Making mistakes is inevitable part of running a business – all people blunder, no matter how talented and experienced they are. To fail is not the scariest part of being an entrepreneur. The worst is to go from failure to failure without drawing a lesson…

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