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Business Consulting – Top 8 skills you need to succeed

A consultant is a professional person in an agency who provides professional or expert advice in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resource finance or any other specialized field. Business consultant help to solve issues, create values, maximize growth and improve business performance.

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15 Brilliant Quotes to Start Your Presentation With

Presentations play an important role in the lives of entrepreneurs. The preparation of the slides is a serious job that has to be well-thought and strategically structured. The information you give in the slides has to work for you not against you.

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Pitch Cards – The Crowdfunded Game That Can Help You Become Better at Pitching

In the crowded startup world where the competition is tough and the challenges are many, having a good idea isn’t enough in order to succeed. The inability to communicate effectively your business idea and the value your product brings is one of the biggest reasons why many entrepreneurs can’t make it in the long run.

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Effective Tips on How to Present Complex Scientific Ideas

All successful businesses that have given to the world amazing products and are worth now millions or even billions of dollars were once just ideas. One of the keys to their success is the fact that the founders of these companies managed to articulate successfully their initial ideas and why these ideas have the potential…

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Public speaking
5 Things to Keep In Mind If Public Speaking Makes You Anxious But You Want to Master It

Public speaking isn’t for everybody. In fact, not many people thrive on the stage. But as an entrepreneur, you need to learn how to excel in public speaking as your ability to pitch your startup will more or less determine its success.

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Don’t Let “Death-by-PowerPoint” Destroy Your Next Investor Pitch

Let’s face it – the creation process of PowerPoint presentations rarely is fun. Putting slide after slide together, bullet point after bullet point, trying to keep everything in check can be a dreadful experience. But the worst part is when you look at the final product after you’ve put your precious time and effort in…

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The Key to Flawless Startup Pitch: Practice 25 Times

The article is written by Matt Krause, Istanbul-based communications coach and founder and past President of Istanbul Toastmasters. The post was originally published on Doppler Communications website. Check it out here.   When professional actors prepare for a role, they usually rehearse for hours, or days or weeks, learning how to make a particular facial tick…

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Pitch deck
The 5 Slides You Should Have in Your Pitch Deck

The pitch deck has to be tastefully designed in order to help you achieve the desired results and to present your startup, business plan and even your company vision in the right way. There are many things that you should consider when you create pitch deck for your next pitch: the number of slides, their…

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4 Awesome Tools That Will Help You Create Perfect Pitch

Pitching investors is important part of every entrepreneur’s startup journey. Your pitch deck is your main tool to help you showcase perfectly your business, which is why it is important that you get ready and prepare yourself well. Creating the perfect pitch requires special attention. It needs to be well-prepared, right on point, interesting, catchy…

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