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Startup skills
Essential Startup Skills You Won’t Learn in College

Earning a college degree has many advantages – it gives you knowledge, capabilities, it challenges you and helps you become ready to… well, enter the corporate world. Even though there are many colleges teaching entrepreneurship as a discipline, many startup founders find out the hard way that entrepreneurship is learned by practice, not on theory….

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5 Teachable Skills Entrepreneurs Should Master

The most ambitious and passionate entrepreneurs know that they need to invest in themselves as much as they need to invest in their startup venture. As the masterminds behind the ideas and the driving power of the company, they know that constant improvement of their skills is the ultimate ticket to success. There are many…

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20 Questions Investors Ask Entrepreneurs at Pitching Events

Attending pitching and networking events is a big deal for entrepreneurs, who are interested in raising capital for their ventures, popularizing their startup and expanding their current network. The opportunities are many but the competition is relentless. Pitching events are crowded by ambitious entrepreneurs who have a lot to put on the table and are…

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Sales skills
5 Essential Sales Skills that Guarantee Your Startup Success

Cutting-edge sales skills are extremely valuable for every entrepreneur. The ability to sell your ideas, innovative product, and yourself as an entrepreneur is what will make you and your business successful. If you are serious about your startup venture and you are entering the business world to stay, you should be ready to hustle and…

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