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Four Ways to Pitch Like a Shark Tank Contestant

The hit ABC show Shark Tank is a great source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, who are struggling to perfect their investor pitches. Since the first episode of the show aired back in 2009, many great deals have been made between the sharks and the entrepreneurs and many successful products have been funded like Scrub Daddy,…

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10 Times Kevin O’Leary Reminded Us What Being a Real Shark Means

The famous Mr. Wonderful is the Shark Tank investor with whom dozens of entrepreneurs, who come to the show, dream of striking a deal with. Direct, brutally honest and uncompromising with his investment decisions, Kevin O’Leary never hesitates to speak up his mind. He is a true “shark” and never misses a chance to remind…

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Mark Cuban
20 Mark Cuban Insights on Becoming Successful Entrepreneur

Billionaire Mark Cuban is one of the most popular and liked mentors, investors and entrepreneurs. He is extremely inspiring and his ability to motivate people to exceed their limits, to be more creative and braver is widely showcased on Shark Tank, where Cuban is one of the “sharks”. Besides his impressive wealth, his expertise and…

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