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12 Albert Einstein Quotes to Inspire The Genius Within You

Albert Einstein’s genius has been recognized around the world, making him one of the most famous and inspiring scientists of all times.  He is known not only as the developer of the theory of relativity but also for his insightful thinking about different aspects of life.

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Embrace This U.S. Navy Principle To Get Better At Pitching Your Entrepreneurial Idea

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to be able to communicate your business idea effectively not only in front of the investors but also in front of your partners, customers, your team members and even to your co-founders. People, who know how to be persuasive, have the advantage when it comes to presenting their…

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8 Ways to Simplify Your Business

The world of entrepreneurship is quite chaotic.  In times it gets too complicated that the entrepreneurs can’t keep up with the change. While some people thrive in chaos; others get completely lost in it. If you fall in the second group, you probably feel stressed and worried by the unpredictability of running a business.

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6 Rules to Simplify Your Life as an Entrepreneur

The busy life of every entrepreneur can be defined with many words – challenging, overwhelming, exciting – but what people rarely talk about is how complex the work day of a startup founder can get. It has never been easier than now to start a company – the benefits of modern technology play key role…

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Three Ways to Make Your Pitch Stand Out from the Crowd

One of the most challenging parts of starting and growing a company is fundraising. It is as tough as it is because the competition is extremely strong and the process of securing funding becomes very intense. There are many entrepreneurs out there trying their best to win the attention of the investors as much as…

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