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The Growth Hacking Tools That Will Help You Accelerate Your Startup Growth

The term growth hacking has been around only for eight years after Sean Ellis coined it back in 2010. Since then, it has become an important part of the tech world. Growth hacking has been described often more as a mindset than a toolset, which increases the demand for growth hackers.

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Black Friday
3 Ways Entrepreneurs and Freelancers Can Make the Most from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Black Friday is approaching and companies are rushing to promote their great deals, while the customers eagerly follow their favorite stores and websites so they won’t miss any of the awesome opportunities. Entrepreneurs on tight budgets, freelancers and bloggers also can make the most of the Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals – in the…

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Three Tools to Help You Track Customer Reviews

Undoubtedly, user reviews are the king – they can make or break your startup. It doesn’t matter how much money and effort you put to market your product or service, if the customers aren’t happy and keep leaving bad reviews about your business, your company will definitely suffer.

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The Must-Have Automation Tools For Overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

Being an entrepreneur means to wear many hats, which can be very overwhelming. Focusing on every single day-to-day task distracts the startup founders from the most important aspects of the business. One of the ways to overcome this problem is to learn how to delegate.

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innovation management
5 Idea and Innovation Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Ideas and innovation have a special place in the world of entrepreneurship. It is important for entrepreneurs to find a way to collect and organize the ideas in a way that will allow them to easily sift the best ones from the bad ones, to brainstorm with their team members and to create actual execution…

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