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Startup skills
Essential Startup Skills You Won’t Learn in College

Earning a college degree has many advantages – it gives you knowledge, capabilities, it challenges you and helps you become ready to… well, enter the corporate world. Even though there are many colleges teaching entrepreneurship as a discipline, many startup founders find out the hard way that entrepreneurship is learned by practice, not on theory….

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How to Make the First 30 Seconds of Your Pitch Count

Undoubtedly, the first impression people get from us really matters! It takes just 30 seconds for an investor to decide if they are interested in your pitch. When pitching, if you don’t win the attention of the audience from the very beginning, it will be very difficult for you to get it somewhere in the…

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innovation management
5 Idea and Innovation Management Tools for Entrepreneurs

Ideas and innovation have a special place in the world of entrepreneurship. It is important for entrepreneurs to find a way to collect and organize the ideas in a way that will allow them to easily sift the best ones from the bad ones, to brainstorm with their team members and to create actual execution…

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Weekly Startup Focus: VersionPress, Funzi, ARTFLAKES

For our Weekly Startup Focus column, we are looking for ideas worth spreading and for innovative startups that have great potential and are providing valuable services to their clients and users. This week we introduce to you VersionPress (Czech Republic), Funzi (Finland) and ARTFLAKES (Germany). VersionPress Founded in 2013, this Prague-based startup offers an innovative…

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How to Bounce Back from a Major Setback

Entrepreneurs are no strangers to dealing with challenges, constant setbacks and major failures. This is the hard way to success – through failure. Knowing that does not help much when the circumstances seem unbearable and the solution for a problem looks impossible to find. Everything in life in some point gets related with a sort…

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Business relationship
How to Build Strong Business Relationship with an Investor

The importance of establishing strong business relationships with the investors is enormous, mostly because these relationships determine the success of the company. Many investors participate actively in the decision-making process and endorse the growth of the company through giving advice and using their expertise and connections. To maximize the effect of working together and sharing…

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6 Websites to Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup

Choosing a co-founder for a startup venture is one of the most important decisions that an entrepreneur has to make. The co-founders must complement each other’s skills, to share the same vision for the future of the company and to succeed in leading together the company in the right direction. Investors prefer to invest in…

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5 Crowdfunding Websites for Entrepreneurs

Securing funding for a startup is not an easy task. While it is always advisable to bootstrap your business until it picks up enough to be attractive for more investors, it is not always possible. And entrepreneurs struggle from this fact. But the opportunities are growing and many creative projects and ideas succeed to get…

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25 Insights That Prove the Importance of Innovative Thinking

Creativity and innovative thinking, as they go hand in hand, are highly important and successful characteristics of an entrepreneur. Emotional intelligence is also a significant trait of innovative thinkers. The ability of a startup founder to envision and translate an idea into a product that solves a problem and adds value increases the chances of…

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Startup Challenge: Pitch Your Business in a Sentence

Pitching investors and potential clients is extremely important, which makes the whole experience very stressful for the entrepreneurs.  One of the essential elements of a successful pitch is related with the ability of the entrepreneur to effectively assess the situation defined by the time-frame they have to present and the audience they are pitching to….

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