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Startup strategy
3 Essential Ingredients of Successful Startup Strategy

After the big decision is made and you are finally ready to start your company the excitement prevails everything else. The hectic feeling engendered by this major decision is not likely to fade away with time, yet once the real action starts it is possible the excitement to be slowly shifted by worry, tension and…

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3 Extremely Effective Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Poor time management skills and the inability of the founders to keep their productive genius in line have killed the potential of more startups than you can even imagine. Who doesn’t want to be the master of their time and to stay on top of their schedule, even to over perform, in order to keep…

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Special Interview with Sabrican Zaim from Shopinstar

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the dominating photo-sharing app with the impressive number of 400 million active monthly users and counting. With the engaging visual-oriented content, the platform is ideal place for generating shopping ideas and showcasing products to large number of potential customers. But how can a customer purchase a product fast and secure? Shopinstar is…

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Seven Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Say

Success can be defined in many ways and regardless of your personal definition the path of achieving your goals is never easy. The way an entrepreneur reacts to the difficult moments says a lot about their personality and ability to thrive in the startup world. Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common and the way…

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20 Questions Investors Ask Entrepreneurs at Pitching Events

Attending pitching and networking events is a big deal for entrepreneurs, who are interested in raising capital for their ventures, popularizing their startup and expanding their current network. The opportunities are many but the competition is relentless. Pitching events are crowded by ambitious entrepreneurs who have a lot to put on the table and are…

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Winning the Startup Life: Happiness and Entrepreneurship

Meeting with entrepreneurs and following and observing their startup ventures and entrepreneurship paths have been a big part of my work for years. There are many interesting stories, which a person can hear from entrepreneurs of any age and background. The business aspect of entrepreneurship is substantial, but what fascinates me the most is the…

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The Founder’s Dilemma: Are You Ready to Launch Your Startup?

Starting a business is a dream for many people, who are sick and tired of working from 9 to 5 and can’t stand any longer to be lead by bad management. They just want to take everything in their own hands and become the master of their time. But how could a person know when…

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Human resources
4 Useful Human Resources Tools for Small Businesses

Small business owners face a lot of challenges on everyday basis related with different aspects of their companies. It is easy to ignore the human resources side of the business when you have that much going on, which doesn’t mean that you should do that. It is not OK to mismanage this serious aspect of…

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5 Tools to Help You Generate Awesome Startup Name

Who doesn’t want to have a legendary, super-catchy startup name? But the process of choosing the right company name is not as simple as many may think. It is time-consuming, sometimes even very stressful. To save you valuable time, here we’ve collected for you five great tools that will boost your creativity and will help…

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8 Annoying Startup Myths Entrepreneurs Must Ignore

The mystical life of an entrepreneur looks like one never-ending journey in a land of excitement and dreams-come-true. Sounds great, right? Well, the reality is a little bit different than that. The long hours, constant setbacks and failure, which are more common than the bright-sided stories, define better the entrepreneurial journey. There are many startup…

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