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Three Non-Business Ingredients of The Perfect Investor Pitch

The ability of an entrepreneur to pitch their business determines more or less the future of the company. Startup owners, who are persuasive pitchers, are more likely to secure funding, to get an angel or a VC on board, and to embrace every possible opportunity to highlight the potential of their businesses.

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Five Characteristics of Memorable Business Stories

Getting your business off the ground isn’t an easy thing to do. On the way to building a memorable brand, popularizing your product and getting your name out there, you need to use all tools you can – especially one in particular – your business story. In the data-driven world that we live in, everyone…

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Garr Reynolds’ 11 Ways to Make Better Presentations

In the full of distractions world that we live in, the ability to get and keep the attention of a broader audience is miraculous. And the key to this miracle is storytelling. Storytelling is so powerful. Storytelling matters. Storytelling helps us give better presentations and communicate better our message.

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Understanding Effective Communication and Storytelling Through Scientific Research

Great ideas are what drive the world to progress. Many promising ideas, however, are ignored just because they are poorly communicated. This is why in the world of entrepreneurship that is driven by creativity, the ability to present your ideas in the most comprehensive and engaging way is essential.

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5 Ways to Be a More Interesting Person

Charismatic, charming and interesting people are great to talk to. There is something magnetic about them, something that makes you want to hang out again and again with them. They spark your curiosity, tackle your imagination and, in general, make you feel good when you are in their company. They are liked by most of…

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Is Storytelling Really The Most Powerful Communication Tool?

In 2009, New York Times Magazine columnist Rob Walker and writer, editor, semiotics analyst, and author of Taking Things Seriously Joshua Glenn run a storytelling experiment known as The Significant Objects Project. They wanted to test the hypothesis that stories have such power and, if told well, they can have a significant effect on the…

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How to Tell Fantastic Stories: An Interview with Juan Guerra

Juan is one of those people, who fill the room with presence every time they speak. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious as he coaches and directs entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts in mastering the art of storytelling. From the day I met him I knew that I wanted to invite Juan for an interview. The…

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Investor Pitch Tips: Data Beats Design

During The Pitcher event, every entrepreneur/startup team has 5 minutes guaranteed to present their businesses in front of the investors along with 5 more minutes for a Q&A session. Many entrepreneurs feel intimidated by the timer and often forget that in the world of startup pitching five minutes count as a whole eternity. But only…

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