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After Office-Hours Habits That Will Make You More Successful

The work-life balance line in entrepreneurship is so thin that makes it almost invisible. Most entrepreneurs are constantly plugged in work – always handling different business-related tasks, rarely having any time left for something non-work related. Many even feel guilty when they take time off.

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Successful entrepreneurs
Three Significant Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Iron will, creative genius and unlimited passion are among the traits possessed by some of the most notorious entrepreneurs of our times. Natural-born entrepreneurial talents are well-recognized – they stand out in every room that they are in. It is easy to spot the innovative thinker…

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The Four Key Principles of Successful Networking

Successful networking is amazingly powerful skill, highly important for entrepreneurs and valued by everyone operating in the business world. It is a skill that should be practiced and perfected by every person, who has the ambition to grow well-recognized business and to build strong brand. Networking is powerful only when it is done right. All…

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Seven Things Successful Entrepreneurs Never Say

Success can be defined in many ways and regardless of your personal definition the path of achieving your goals is never easy. The way an entrepreneur reacts to the difficult moments says a lot about their personality and ability to thrive in the startup world. Successful entrepreneurs have many traits in common and the way…

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emotional intelligence
The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Your Investor Pitch

There are many things that investors look for in an entrepreneur – passion, ambition, skills, knowledge, experience, and so on. Leadership skills, backed by strong confidence and high emotional intelligence, often stand at the top 10 of the list. It is important to emphasize on these essential personal qualities when you prepare your next investor…

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