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Developing Entrepreneurial Soft Skills Through E-learning

Startup founders with strong technical knowledge, experience, and talent, often find themselves in a tough position when it comes to acquiring other skills, essential to running a company.

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Entrepreneurship Tips: 3 Ways to Respect Your Own Time

Time is the most valuable asset that we have. Steve Jobs was onto something when he said: “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” Learning to value our own time is one of the most important things that we can do.

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Five Ways to Make Your To-Do List Not Just Doable But Effective

There is one thing that otherwise the courageous entrepreneurs fear the most – the unfinished to-do list in the end of the day that makes them feel like they have failed to make the most of the past 24 hours. Why to-do lists are that scary when they have to be just a tool that…

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Are You Productive or Just Busy?

In the world of information overflow, we are more distracted than any other generation before us. There always seem to be something new that we need to learn about, some important email that we need to answer to, another unnecessary meeting that we need to attend. “Business” has become the ultimate state most of us…

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5 Ways to Make More Time for your Side Hustle

Do you have a great idea that you want to work on but you are not ready yet to give up your stable job? This doesn’t mean that you have to give up on your side hustle. It means that you have to focus better and learn how to prioritize and how to manage your…

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Slow down
3 Not Very Obvious Signs That You Need to Slow Down

Many entrepreneurs work on high speed and are constantly driven by a sense of urgency. The busy lifestyle of every entrepreneur creates that overwhelming feeling that nothing is under control and that everything is of a significant importance. Many business owners fail with their attempts to prioritize and often find themselves rushing to complete different…

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The Technology Impact on Business: Time Management and Focus

Innovations significantly disrupt every single aspect of business – from production through distribution to HR and marketing. The impact of technology on our everyday lives and the way we do business and communicate is tremendous. With all of the positive aspects – making our lives much easier, we start to face many challenges when it…

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