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The Main Pillars of Strong Work Ethic

Entrepreneurs with strong work ethic are trustworthy and dependable, cooperative, honest and disciplined –qualities that get you ahead in the world of entrepreneurship. It is understandable! Who doesn’t want to do business with a person, who has strong values and believes that hard, high-quality work is what makes a business successful?

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4 Steps to Leverage Your Strengths and Build a Business That Thrives

Finding your personal and entrepreneurial strengths have a tremendous power and can change your life forever. It can give you the motivation and confidence to turn into a business something that you truly enjoy doing and are truly passionate about.

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4 Common Traits of Entrepreneurs with Go-Getter Personalities

Becoming an entrepreneur is very personal decision – for some people comes naturally, for others comes all of the sudden as a result of unpredicted circumstances.  The reasons to start a business venture vary from person to person, so do the reasons why some succeed and others fail. Entrepreneurs, who not only achieve their goals,…

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Successful entrepreneurs
Three Significant Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? Iron will, creative genius and unlimited passion are among the traits possessed by some of the most notorious entrepreneurs of our times. Natural-born entrepreneurial talents are well-recognized – they stand out in every room that they are in. It is easy to spot the innovative thinker…

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7 Particularly Valued Traits of Startup Employees

Tech companies are in constant search for talented, smart and motivated employees. Nowadays, when it comes to building a company, especially tech-oriented, significant amount of effort is dedicated on attracting, keeping and investing in human capital. Once you have managed to build the dream team for your startup, it is important to focus on keeping…

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5 Qualities of Forward-Thinking Leaders

Great leaders are gifted with many exceptional qualities that give them the ability to lead their teams to the right direction and to successfully grow their businesses regardless of all challenges and setbacks. The combination of skills that is inherent to up-and-coming leaders consists of many different traits, which can vary from person to person….

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3 Key Traits to Look for in a Potential Investor

Fundraising is important process and all entrepreneurs need help and guidance when the time for raising capital comes. To make the most of every opportunity at this critical point, they need to approach and choose the right investor, who will be able to bring much more on the table than the cash. Money matters but…

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